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Robert Ashby Photography

Fashion, Models, Portraits, Boudoir, Glamour, more

Mister Robert Ashby
11758 SW 26th CT
33025 Miramar, FL (United States of America)
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Phone: 561 - 34-BOKEH

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I am a self taught semi-professional photographer who has another job flying airplanes around the world. Well, mostly to Brazil. The only reason I say `semi-pro` is I have another job as well. I specialize in shooting fashion, glamour, models, boudoir, advertising, commercial and runway. I also shoot all other types, such as landscape, travel, and real estate, among others.

Check out my website for my travel plans (on the blog) and see if I am visiting your area if you are not in, or coming to, South Florida. My primary travel takes me to Belo Horizonte, Brazil as I have a business set up down there, but I am also available in Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Salvador, Brasilia, Santiago, Santa Cruz, and just about any other major city in South America and most of the Caribbean as well as the US. I may also be able to do shoots in Madrid, London, and Paris.

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