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  • Dan

  • from Los Angeles (United States of America)
Birth Year:
42 Years
Postal zip code:
Los Angeles
United States of America
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Rank 5244
of 38843 Members
Last update of the data: 22.03.2015
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Description about me:
I take overall responsibility for the look, sound and style of a film. Tmy job usually starts once t I receive the script, although in the case of some feature films I may also be the scriptwriter. It is the my artistic vision that will guide the work of the film crew as they search for suitable locations, hire the cast, design the sets and lighting and finally edit and dub the finished recording. Thanks
My past appearances:
I finished the flim school fo 5 years ago and now I am directing short films for media and also TV ads,
Where is Los Angeles?
That is the residence of Dan:
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